• lobster diner in playa del carmen
  • Reb Eye in Quinta Avenida
  • Grill in the quinta avenida
  • The Best Shrimps in Playa del Carmen
Grilled Seafood Platter
  • Los Rancheros Quinta Avenida
Surt And Turf
Mexican Patter
  • Mexican Patter in Los Rancheros Quinta Avenida
Rib Eye Burguer(with bacon +$20)
Finger Food Platter
Hacienda Beef
Beef Carpaccio
Salmon Carpaccio
Calamares Sofia
Fish Ceviche
Shrimp Ceviche
  • Guacamole in Los Rancheros Quinta Avenida
Nachos with Chicken
Nachos with Beef
Nachos with Skirt Steak
Melted Cheese
Melted Cheese with Mushrooms
Melted Cheese with Chorizo
Lime Soup
Tlalpeño Soup
Aztec Soup
Cream Of Lobster
Seafood Soup
Mixed Or Green Salad
Sprinach Salad
Seafood Salad
Avocado Shrimp
Aguacate con Atún
Caesar Salad
Caesar Salad with Shirmp
Caesar Salad with Chicken
Caprese Salad
Grilled Chicken
Flank Steak
Enchiladas Or Crispy Tacos
Pancho Villa
  • Restaurante Los Rancheros Quinta Avenida
Burritos or Chimichanga
Chili Pepper Stuffed With Meat Or Cheese
Chili Pepper Stuffed With Seafood
Beef, Chicken Or Mixed Fajitas
  • Beef, Chicken Or Mixed Fajitas in Los Rancheros Quinta Avenida
Shrimp Fajitas
Chesse Quesadillas
Chesse Quesadillas with Pollo
Chesse Quesadillas with Beef
Chesse Quesadillas with Fish
Chesse Quesadillas with Shrimp
Vegetarian Chesse Quesadillas
Linguini with Shrimp
Linguini with Chicken
Linguini with Seafood
Seafood Fetuchiccini
  • T-Bone in Rancheros Quinta Avenida
New York
Rib Eye
Fillet Mignion
BBQ Ribs
Flanks Steak
Grilled Brochettes
Chateu Briand
Grilled Meats Platter
Coconut Shrimps
Flambbe Bananas
Caramel Crepes
Ice Creams
Caramel Flan
Tequila Mangos
Key Lime Pay
  • Enjoy it at Los Rancheros Quinta Avenida
Mexican Coffe
Spanish Coffee
Special Spanish Coffee
Mayan Coffee
Irish Coffee
Expresso Coffee
Expresso with a drop of Milk
Double Espresso Coffee
Chicken Fingers
  • chicken Fingers in Rancheros Quinta Avenida
Mini Hamburger
  • Mini hamburger in Rancheros Quinta Avenida
Hot Dog
  • Hot dogs Rancheros Quinta Avenida
Enchiladas with Chicken or Cheese
Chicken Soup